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VPMIA/VBCOA positions for the group A hearings in Memphis 4/2015
IPC, IMC, IFGC, IRC Plumbing, IRC Mechanical, Miscellaneous

A Board of Directors meeting is scheduled on June 12th, 2015 from 10 till 2 at the Louisa County Administration building.

Governors Housing Conference

Randy Pearce with The City of Emporia shared these images-thanks Randy!

Mr. Ellwood meeting with the High School Program Instructor, and Mr. Wittingham in Administration working to have the program enter Greensville County Public School Technical Program to add to the Skills Program at the school to teach students about codes in reference to the classes being instructed at the school.--Randy Pearce

Dennis McNaughton recently represented VPMIA during the PMPV trade show in Fairfax. Cool pictures Dennis and thanks! Click on the thumbnail!

VPMIA Named Chapter of the Year.

The Virginia Plumbing and Mechanical Inspectors Association (VPMIA) was the recipient of the 2011 Chapter of the Year Award during Wednesday’s Awards Luncheon at the 2011 ICC Annual Conference in Phoenix. Chapter Merit Awards were presented to the Code Administrators Association of Kentucky (CAAK) and the Northwest Building Officials and Code Administrators (NBOCA) in Illinois.

To earn the Chapter of the Year honor, a Chapter must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism in promoting the vision, mission and goals of the Code Council. The Chapter distinguishes itself through the development and implementation of programs designed to increase the professionalism of its members and code officials everywhere, and participate in local, state, regional or national activities to increase the public awareness of safety in the built environment.

“Since its inception in 1962, VPMIA has been very active in code development and other professional activities,” Awards Committee Chairman Gregori Anderson said. “The Chapter holds instructional meetings where attendees can earn CEUs, and participates in Virginia’s state code academy, providing instructors and curriculum development, and teaching more than 30 classes.”

“The Chapter of the Year Award is only accomplished through the hard work of your members,” said VPMIA President Bane Compton. “I hope by winning this award it will inspire the future member of our organization to make the same accomplishment.”

Photo of Bane during his speech
Bane and Ron receiving award
Bane and Ron
Congratulations Letter From ICC

Are you looking for DPOR continuing education training for Plumbing, HVAC, or Fuel Gas? Refresher courses in these trades?  We will do group training at your location (minimum of 20 students) Contact for more information.

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DHCD Continuing Education Policy
Effective May 1, 2008, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) requires continuing education as a component of maintaining compliance with the state regulations relative to certain certifications granted by the Board of Housing and Community Development. All building officials, property maintenance officials, and technical assistants employed by a jurisdiction to enforce the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) as well as local building department personnel certified to enforce the Virginia Amusement Device Regulations shall obtain 16 hours of continuing education every two years. This is in addition to the mandatory and/or periodic training required for certificate issuance and maintenance.  For more information, contact the Training and Certification Office at or 804-371-7180
Continuing Education Application
Continuing Education Policy

Jack Proctor
January 10th, 1933--March 10th, 2011